The human being is at the heart of the Digital Life Collective.

The technology we mis-trust, the social, political and economic systems that seem broken from the perspective of everyday people, and the destructive cultural habits common to many workplaces have something in common: they tend to ignore, or at least misplace, real live human beings. The Digital Life Collective places the individual at the center of the reason for our technology. We recognize the importance of individual choice and power in the ways we work together, and in the ways we direct our resources. We believe in you, and invite you to work with us, towards a more human world.

In this section, you can find out why we exist, our organizing principles, our distribution of powers, and our dynamic governance structure. All of these are up for discussion as we recognize that organizations are - literally - living systems, albeit supported by non-living parts. Please feel free to chime in where you see fit.

As a member of the Collective, you have a voice. You have power. Wield it with love!

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