Learning Guides

This section provides a list of available guides useful for the Collective. It is also used for tracking what documentation is done and what needs work.


In Progress:

  • Aligned Tech Network Map (a map of tech projects we might use, support or collaborate with)
  • How We Work (a map of our activities and tools)
  • Collective Tools (a filterable map of the tools we use)
  • Learn Kumu! (a basic guide learning the mapping platform we use)
  • An Intro to Dynamic Governance
  • Digital Life Collective Brand Guidelines


  • Team Network Map
  • Self-Organizing Quickstart
  • Community Group
  • Outreach
  • Start a Collective with Us!
  • Digital Life Collective Brand Guidelines
  • Collaborative Funding
  • Inspiration
  • Systems and Networks (a basic overview and resource list)
  • Updating this Playbook

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