Purpose and Mission

We believe our tech should serve without stalking us, protect without limiting us, and empower without betraying us. And such tech should be accessible to everyone without exception.

We use digital technologies to improve our lives — for convenience, connection, information and entertainment. However, these same technologies track our every movement, our every action, our every interaction. They allow others to build and use and sell digital copies of us, corroding our privacy and influencing our lives in unknowable ways.

The Digital Life Collective develops, funds and supports technologies created with only the individual's needs in mind.

Trusted. Private. Inclusive.

Our tech, not their tech.

We're member funded, member owned, and member operated, for everyone's benefit ... digital technologies of, by, and for the people.

We simply can't do this unless we do this together. Your experience, participation and enthusiasm as a co-founder helps others, and helps all those others help you and yours.

NOTE: from initial co-founding launch web copy: April, 2017

The following topics drive us. Join our team chat to discover how to help us work towards them:





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